Mount Brackets for Window Air Conditioners

All parts and support brackets for window mounted air conditioner must be secured to firm wood, masonry or metal to prevent air conditioning from falling out of window and hit passerby in head. air conditioner manufacturers sell kits specifically for mounting air conditioners in windows. Considerations include air conditioner little inclination to allow draining.

Prepare air conditioner. Remove air conditioning of box by removing screws from grill and air conditioner from slipping out. There may be tabs to get depressed grid off.

Mount Brackets for Window Air Conditioners

Attach top mounting rail strip. Remove backing and attach it to top of air conditioner case with included screws. Install side accordion panels with screws.

Prepare window. Cut window sash seal to window width and stick its adhesive side to bottom of sash. Install case in window.

Place case in center on stool and pull window down. Select position that puts sill supports near outermost part of sill. Attach sill supports to sill and case so that there is slight tilt to outside.

You can use level. Half bubble will do it. Secure case to window sill with screws and pull accordion to fit.

Attach with screws. Install support bracket and foam top window gasket. support bracket attaches to window side jam with one screw.

Cut gasket and stuff it between glass and window.

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How to Mount Brackets for Window Air Conditioners

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