Moisture Proof Solar Panel

Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel-do-it-yourself guides contain useful information that practically allows to build on their hands properly functioning solar anyone with free weekend, the power to help at home. However, many do-it-yourself find that their solar panels degrade quickly when changing temperatures and elements exposed to far. Moisture stress especially to several months, accumulate, corrode and weaken connections between the individual solar cells, form the solar panel. Fortunately, there are at least a cost-effective way to protect your cells and modules of corrosive and degrading effect of moisture. arrange

Place, connect your photovoltaic cells on Plexiglass or wooden backboard. Backboard should same size that you plan solar panels for each of your. Use to bypass pencil or marker every cell.

Moisture Proof Solar Panel

Put cells aside. Your backboard should now contain outline of each of your photovoltaic cells. Put on your thin rubber gloves, then mix clear-drying urethane base epoxy resin on base of clear hard plastic or wood for minute or two with stirring stick.

Clear-drying epoxy resin with urethane is available at reasonable price from every home improvement and hardware store. Spread even amounts of clear epoxy resin inside solar cell outlines on your backboard, then press your photovoltaic cells into their outlines on backboard to secure them. Spread epoxy resin evenly and smoothly all over each of photovoltaic cells and connectors between each of them on your panel.

This will seal each of your photovoltaic cells, preventing moisture from forming and water from entering from outside panel. Let it dry overnight. Use your multimeter to test connectors leading from each panel you made to make sure each panel is generating power.

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