Minimize Acne Scars Naturally

While medical treatments such as skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, collagen injections and scar removal laser are probably fastest and most effective ways to minimize acne scars, these options are not economically viable for everyone. In addition, medical treatments often use harsh chemicals and invasive methods. Fortunately, there are number of natural and gentle methods to minimize acne scars.

Leave acne just like popping, squeezing, scratching or picking scabs are great ways to ensure long-lasting scars. Wash your skin twice daily with gentle cleanser and then follow with gentle exfoliation, which not only helps to prevent future outbreaks, which removes dead skin cells and promotes healing of scars. Add enough water to 1 tsp.

Minimize Acne Scars Naturally

of sea salt to create paste and gently massage acne scars with circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Pop open vitamin E capsule and squeeze oil onto healing acne and acne scars twice day after washing your skin.

Vitamin E is one of most important vitamins for regeneration and healing of tissues. oil will help to add moisture to skin, which reduces irritation and helps to speed healing. Wet cotton ball with lavender essential oil and apply light layer to skin affected by scars.

Lavender is one of few essential oils that is safe to use in undiluted form, and helps to promote firm, healthy skin. Using lavender essential oil on skin each night before bed will not only help to prevent premature aging, it will help to minimize acne scars. Use pure aloe vera gel, preferably fresh from plant, instead of daily moisturizer.

Because many moisturizers contain chemicals, preservatives and oils, aloe vera is perfect natural alternative. Not only does it keep skin hydrated, it is natural antiseptic, helping to heal skin while reducing future acne outbreaks.

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How to Minimize Acne Scars Naturally

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