Measure Bathroom for Tile

Tiles can really improve the look of the bathroom. However, measuring the new tile bathroom can be difficult as a result of bathroom accessories, as the hob, sink and bathtub. Precise measurement of bathroom tile process is actually quite simple, provided you use the appropriate method.

Measure the width and length of the bathroom and record these measurements on the piece of paper. If the bath is L-shaped, I imagine bath as two separate boxes, nonoverlapping and measured separately for each rectangle. measures length and width Multiply the total area for bathing.

Measure Bathroom for Tile

If you have L-shaped bathroom, multiply length and width of each section and add those two figures to get total area. For wall tile, use same formula and multiply your wall length by width height to wehich you want to run tile. For floor tile, identify immovable objects in bathroom that you’ll tile around, such as cabinets or bathtub.

exception is toilet or freestanding sinks, while you won’t tile under toilet or sink, you will need to cut tiles to fit around base. Measure footprint of immovable objects length and width. Multiply length and width of each object to get its area.

Subtract area for each immovable object from total room area, as determined in Step 2. total square footage figure reflects how much tile you will need to purchase.

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How to Measure Bathroom for Tile

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