Maximize Solar Power Cell

Everyone wants more for money. If you do not maximize on your solar cell, it is like driving half of the engine is used. Solar energy cell maximization generates more energy.

This increases the amount of power that you can use to operate electrical equipment. By making minor adjustments and your solar panel is maintained, increase the ability to produce energy. Investment by small amount of time will pay big dividends in increasing your energy.

Maximize Solar Power Cell

Find latitude of your location. Use degree of latitude to calculate angle to place your solar cells. Insert your city name or street address in site found in Resources section.

Calculate 15 degrees more than latitude of location in winter. For example, latitude of San Francisco is 38 degrees. In winter, tilt your solar panel to 53 degrees to maximize solar power cell.

Calculate 15 degrees less than latitude of location in summer. Measure angle of your solar panel. Place protractor from surface of solar panel.

Mark angle surface and protractor make.

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How to Maximize Solar Power Cell

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