Maximize Solar Energy

As economy is more difficult in flourish, looking for inexpensive ways families for their basic, everyday needs. Use of solar energy in their homes good way to do this, but also families have clear understanding of how to maximize solar energy, to be effective for them. Make sure that your solar panel tilted toward the sun.

whether or not home requires replacement windows. Opt for more modern-looking windows, rather than traditional look or windows with fewer cracks. Cracks cause to escape the heat, so lost energy. Install windows that have double glazed glass that is better insulated.

Maximize Solar Energy

If replacement isn’t option, periodically check current windows for cracks and leaks on inside and outside. Use heavy drapes as window coverings to help keep heat in. Install insulated exterior doors as well as insulation strips and sweeps to seal cracks around doors.

insulation strips and sweeps can be installed on non-insulated doors if you can’t afford to install new doors. Though you cannot avoid opening and closing doors, practice restraint from leaving doors standing open, no matter what time of year it is. Enter and leave your home as few times day as possible, this can be accomplished with better planning and organization.

Close doors immediately after opening them. Change all lightbulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, which use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs. When purchasing appliances, choose Energy Star rated appliances, look for Energy Star label on interior or exterior of appliance.

Install programmable thermostat, and turn off and unplug all appliances, big and small, that are not in use. Avoid leaving lights on when you’re not home or in room, and periodically check toilets and faucets, indoor and outdoor, for leaks. Make sure all water faucets are turned off completely after use.

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How to Maximize Solar Energy

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