Making Solar Panels

to build your own homemade solar panel, is project that can be carried out inexpensively, and it will not take too much of your time. Most of the materials that you need, can be found at the hardware store or online. You can save money on your electric bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

solar panels you can convert sunlight into usable electricity. In some cases, the power company will have to pay if your solar system is connected to the local power grid. Place ends of all the 1-by-2-inch wood posts with short course and skill saw or table saw.

Making Solar Panels

Make sure all studs are same length when finished. Cut two of 1-by-2-inch wood studs in half. Use speed square again to ensure cuts are square and all four pieces are same length.

Drill several, evenly spaced holes in one of 4-foot studs using 3 or 8-inch drill bit on 2-inch side of stud. Assemble two 8 foot and three of 4-foot pieces, making rectangle. third 4-foot piece will be placed in center of box, parallel with two end pieces.

Fasten all studs using wood glue and 1.5-inch wood screws. Liberally apply wood glue to one side of stud frame and smooth out with your finger or putty knife making sure to leave least 1 or 16-inch layer of glue.

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