Makeup to Cover Wrinkles and Redness

wrinkles covering can be challenging for women who want even smoother skin tone without using too much makeup. Sunburn or rosacea can create red skin, which can also be difficult to hide without right makeup. Women can use moisturizer and same types of makeup such as foundation and concealer, to address both problems of skin.

Women who use right to apply makeup tools create appearance of defects, including skin. Wash your face with cleanser and confirms that it has removed any makeup. Apply moisturizer on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

Makeup to Cover Wrinkles and Redness

Put extra moisturizer on wrinkled, red or irritated areas, and around your lips. Rub eye cream around your eyes. Dab eye cream underneath your eyes gently with your ring finger.

Apply thin layer of concealer below your eyes. Blend concealer into surrounding skin by dabbing it with your ring finger. Apply another layer if skin below your eyes looks dark or baggy.

Cover any imperfections on your upper eyelids with concealer and blend it. Apply foundation with makeup sponge. Apply foundation on wrinkles and red areas so you have even skin tone.

Dip powder brush into loose powder and apply it evenly over foundation. Look for any visible skin imperfections and dab concealer on them. Confirm that your foundation, concealer and powder are blended.

Put on powder blush with makeup brush. Sweep blush over your cheekbones and any pale areas to create subtle flushed look. Apply powder eyeshadow to your upper eyelids with eyeshadow brush.

Apply firming lip balm.

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