Make Your Own Solar Electricity Panels

The photovoltaic response of solar cells serve as a renewable and clean power source. Most conventional plates are made of cells formed from silicates, but it is much homemade plate of copper sheet, silver plating solution, and to make some wiring equipment. Use to cut sheet metal sheers round piece of copper sheet.

Cook copper sheet until it is red hot. This can be done with stove or blowtorch, but if you use blowtorch, you will need to stand copper piece, so that both sides are in the air. Journal has to cook for at least three minutes at glowing.

Make Your Own Solar Electricity Panels

For large sheet, divide surface area into rough sections, and cook them one at time. sheet should form layer of black oxide on side that is not being cooked. Use plastic scraper to gently remove black oxide.

Beneath it will be layer of reddish pink oxide. You will want to keep red oxide, so do not use metal scraper or very much force. entire side of sheet needs to be coated in red oxide, so if it is not, repeat Step 2 or trim sheet.

Use brush to coat red oxide side of sheet in silvering solution. Allow this to dry. proper coat will require at least couple of hours.

Take pocket knife, and trim insulation off end of electrical wire. Then divide this into its positive and negative strands.

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How to Make Your Own Solar Electricity Panels

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