Make Your Own Solar Cell Phone Charger

charged to hold the phone, you can lead in confusing world of online gadgets and empty pockets. You can accomplish this task and fun through the construction of solar cell phone charger makes it have. This is a project that can be completed in one day and materials are likely to be available at local electronics parts store, if not, they can be easily obtained from online retailers. Remove small screws from the project field and lift it off the top.

center solar cell on the bottom of the box and grease pencil outline use of cell draw. to make Find the center of the cell contour and use hand drill or cutting tool hole large enough to insert the lead wires of the solar cell in the field. Standing Project box so narrow side upwards.

Make Your Own Solar Cell Phone Charger

Find center of side, hold power socket in place, and draw around outside edge with grease pencil. Next, use hand drill or cutting tool to cut hole, making it smaller that outside edge of power outlet, but large enough for body of car power outlet socket to be inserted into box. Start with too-small hole and cut away carefully until socket fits and rim of outlet socket rests on outside of project box.

Insert wires for solar cell and power outlet into box through holes that you have just made. Using soldering iron and solder, connect red wire on solar cell to red wire on power outlet. Then, connect black wire on solar cell to black wire on power outlet.

Glue solar cell to top of lid of project box. Attach power outlet to box with same adhesive. Reattach lid of project box using screws that it came with.

To charge your cell phone, use auto adapter that came with phone to attach phone to power outlet of box. Set box and phone in sun. Your phone will be recharged and enough power generated for you to be able to use it while attached to box.

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How to Make Your Own Solar Cell Phone Charger

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