Make Your Own Silicon Solar Panels

Solar energy is increasingly popular means of home electricity bills reduction or even to achieve energy independence. But sometimes specialized solar panel required either to cover niche site specialized or energy demand. For jobs like these, you can configure panel at home.

This can with some plastic sheets, some standard carpentry tools and materials carried, little wiring and many individual solar cells. Calculate power requirements through your solar cell project are fully satisfied daylight on price of standard 6 hours. For example, all head lights for four-room apartment, in two 60-watt bulbs per room for average 4 hour day, output of 320 watts must. Shop for and choose to buy solar cells.

Make Your Own Silicon Solar Panels

Using above example, if you choose cells that are 2 inches by 1 inch and put out 4 watts each, you will need 80 of them to provide minimum power for project. This means lot of assembly work, so something bigger and with heftier output should be chosen. Draw plan for panel using pad and pen, using number of cells and their dimensions.

Include some spacing between cells. If you chose to persist using small cells from Step 2, you could arrange them in 10-column by 8-row design, with 1 or 2 inch between them. This would yield surface area of 30 inches by 12 inches.

Lay out sheet of 3 or 8-inch thick plywood onto pair of sawhorses, and cut it into desired shape with hand saw. This will serve as panel’s backing. Saw your scrap lumber into four borders for panel, which should be nailed into box shape around sides of plywood backing.

border should be raised from surface of plywood by at least 1 1 or 2 inches.

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How to Make Your Own Silicon Solar Panels

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