Make Your Own River Rock Bathroom Flooring

Centenarian, river stones worn by time are one of the best building materials of nature. River stones make bold statement decor, offering diverse palette of colors and natural beauty. In combination with wood and other natural materials, rock complements the rustic decor.

Creating your own bathroom floor of river stone is the project of do-it-yourself fun and fairly easy. Measure square meters area of ​​the facility to determine amount of rock that are required for your project bathroom floor. Flat pieces of stone gathers river.

Make Your Own River Rock Bathroom Flooring

Look for pieces with uniform thickness, smooth surface and smooth edges. Rocks can vary in width, although thickness should be fairly consistent. Turn rock gathering into fun family project.

You can select rocks in various colors and shades to create pattern or design. If you plan to gather quantity of rock on state or federal land, you will need rock permit. Contact United States Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management office in your state to determine rules and regulations for gathering rock on federal lands.

For state land, contact your state’s Department of Land Management. Be sure to seek permission when gathering on private land. Purchase rock and other project supplies.

If you prefer to buy rock rather than gather your own, rocks in various colors, sizes and grades are available for purchase from rock quarries, landscape contractors, and home and garden supply centers. Loose river rock or rock or pebble tiles can be used for project. Allow natural rock to dry completely prior to sealing.

River rock must be sealed prior to installation. Most purchased rock tiles are sealed by manufacturer. If you are using tile you gathered yourself, wash rocks with soap and water and stiff brush.

Rinse and allow to air-dry in covered location for at least two weeks. Apply waterproof sealant following package instructions. Remove baseboards or molding and prepare your rock underlayment as you would for any other floor tile installation.

Mix mortar according to package directions. If you are using natural river rock you can elect to mix stain into mortar to complement color of rocks.

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How to Make Your Own River Rock Bathroom Flooring

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