Make Solar Water Heating Panels

More and more people are looking for solar solutions for their energy needs. After your initial investment, solar power is free and clean, directly from the sun. It has been used in various ways, including heat water.

first step, if you’re going to try this yourself is to make solar water heating panels themselves. Cut or buy wood preferably hardwood such as cedar or teak with desired measurements. For our purposes, we will be the frame construction, the 1.5 meter long, 90 centimeters wide and 0.8 centimeters thick. Use circular saw to cut lips, in the collector plate and glass will be installed shortly.

Make Solar Water Heating Panels

lips should be about 0.5 centimeters thick. Remember that your corner joints are crucial, if well done, your panel will be quite weatherproof. Drill two holes, about 1.1 centimeters in diameter, in sides of frame, 3 centimeters from top and bottom of frame.

These will serve as entrance and exit points for later copper tubing after you’ve made your solar water heating panel . Apply backing sheet marine ply quality, if possible to back of frame. Be sure to cut backing sheet with exact measurements of frame so that it fits perfectly–this, again, is weatherproofing must.

Nail sheet to bottom of frame. Coat frame and backing sheet in their entirety with wood preservative. goal is to have lasting finish.

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How to Make Solar Water Heating Panels

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