Make Solar Storage Battery

Your house of homemade solar setup race has become increasingly popular as improved solar technology and is more money for housing. Storage of solar power used one of the major obstacles for private use and was often be daunting. Well, make with proper ventilation and safety precautions, solar batteries storage, is more accessible want to increase consumer power grid and the use of renewable energy resources.

Choose quantity voltage that you want to save the setup for your homemade solar. If you store solar energy for running small portion of your home use, then select as many 6-volt golf cart batteries as you need to be your energy needs. A golf cart battery stores enough energy to run two 50-watt bulbs for 10 hours.

Make Solar Storage Battery

Use L-16 traction batteries for running more power in house. These batteries are 350 amp hours as opposed to golf cart batteries, which are only 220 amp hours. Being industrial, they are more difficult to find, but they are superior for storing solar power because they are made to handle deep charge and discharge cycling.

Designate section of stand-alone building, such as workshop or garage with cement floor, for storing your solar batteries. Make sure that you can maintain temperature between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you run risk of losing 50 percent of your stored solar power.

This building should also have stable water supply so that any leaks can be absorbed with baking soda, and then hosed down with water. Place shelving unit — which can be made from wood or metal or can even be boot rack — in corner of building that has greatest temperature stability and is farthest from any traffic. This will protect batteries and any visitors to building.

Place all batteries you have determined you need on stand about 6 inches apart from each other. Wire batteries together with copper wire to create pack or bank. Put on protective eye goggles and acid-proof gloves when you are working on batteries.

They are extremely volatile. Run copper wire from positive of one battery to positive of next and negative of one to negative of next. Wrap wire around post using needle-nose pliers and cut using cutters on inside of blades, close to handle.

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How to Make Solar Storage Battery

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