Make Solar Powered Oven for Kids

to build solar oven, is ideal for children to teach about solar energy. These working solar oven is inexpensive to make. Children can help to build this solar oven, but adults should be present, because the project use of knives and solar oven requires is hot.

Watch your child’s face light up as they see their food cooking by solar power. Cut square hole in the top of the large pizza box Utility knife. Pizza box for each large pizza gives you plenty of space to cook in your solar oven.

Make Solar Powered Oven for Kids

hole should be almost, but not quite as big as top of pizza box. Leave two inches along sides of top of pizza box. Line inside bottom of pizza box with aluminum foil.

aluminum foil is main part of solar oven. It will attract sun’s heat and cook food. Open lid of pizza box and place food on top of aluminum foil.

For safety reasons, choose food item that is not raw, like hot dog. Close pizza box lid. Cover top of pizza box with plastic wrap.

plastic wrap will hold sun’s heat inside of solar oven. Set solar pizza box, solar oven, outside in sunny area. Choose warm area that is getting full sun.

aluminum foil will attract sun and cook food.

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How to Make Solar Powered Oven for Kids

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