Make Solar Powered Motor

Many people are looking for renewable energy sources. to use alternative energy is good for the environment and can also make your reliance on public utilities reduce recharge the often excessive prices for the supply of dirty electricity. One of the best sources of renewable energy is solar.

Solar energy is clean and efficient, and apart from cost of your solar panels, it is also free. If you want to experiment with solar energy, to see whether it is effective option for your home, then the power supply power with solar power is good first step, the practical results will have. Receive DC motor. With motor which is powered by DC battery power, is easiest way to provide your engine with solar energy.

Make Solar Powered Motor

Choose motor that is large enough to perform job that you need it to do. You can then scale all other components around, supplying adequate power to engine of that size. Determine how much battery power will be required to operate your DC motor.

Buy enough Deep Cycle batteries to supply power your need. It is recommended that you purchase additional batteries to store any excess energy produced by your solar panels. Store your batteries on either enclosed battery rack or in safe, dry area inside your home.

Purchase Photovoltaic Solar Panel that is required to charge all of your batteries. Solar panels absorb sun’s rays and convert energy to DC electric power. You can never produce too much electricity, because once your batteries are all completely charged, any surplus electricity you create will be fed back to electric company and will result in payment being sent to you.

Connect your solar panel to your battery. Connect negative cable first. This is straightforward process of running battery cable from negative terminal on solar panel to negative terminal on your batter.

To connect positive cable, you will run cable from positive terminal on solar panel to diode, then run cable from diode to resistor, and finally another cable from resistor to positive terminal on battery. resistor prevents electricity from flowing into batteries too fast, while diode prevents surplus electricity from flowing back into solar panel. Connect your motor to battery.

Since you are using DC motor, it should be equipped with battery cables to connect to positive and negative terminals on battery. Connect black cable to negative battery terminal and hook red cable up to positive post. Your circuit is now complete.

Your solar panels will charge batteries, which will provide power to your motor.

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