Make Solar-Powered Device

Making device Solar is not difficult. Key matching voltage and current requirements of equipment with voltage and current output of solar panels. To increase the flow of additional solar array panels must be arranged in parallel with the original panel.

To increase voltage of solar panel, additional sheets must be placed in series with the original panel. Combinations of these two basic configurations are used to correspond to increase power performance requirements of the motor or other load. Identify voltage and current requirement of the load.

Make Solar-Powered Device

This can be light bulb, motor or other device. example would be 24-volt direct current DC motor with current requirement of 0.5 amps. voltage is 24 volts and current is 0.5 amps.

Match power requirements of load with power output of solar panels. In this example, two 12-volt solar panels are being used. Each solar panel can generate 12 volts of voltage and 0.5 amps of current.

To run motor voltage has to be at least 24 volts. To get 24 volts, solar panels must be connected in series, so voltages of each panel will add together. current will stay at 0.5 amps. Connect black negative wire of solar panel #1 to red positive wire of solar panel #2.

Solar panel #1 and #2 are now connected in series. Connect red positive terminal of solar panel #1 to positive terminal of DC motor. Connect black negative wire of solar panel #2 to negative terminal of DC motor.

Take motor and solar panels out into sunlight and verify that motor starts running.

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How to Make Solar-Powered Device

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