Make Solar Powered Clock at Home

Solar energy has in cars or trains not yet perfected, but for small items such as clock or lamp, it is ideal. Make this watch not only save electricity, it will save you money on replacement of batteries. When charged in every now and then, it is possible for this watch for recent years on the existing battery.

This is also to do big project with young people, to show them how we can use the sun to power things that require external power. Lay clock rests on towel on a flat surface downward. Face of the watch should be facing towel.

Make Solar Powered Clock at Home

towel is to keep from scratching face of clock. Remove battery from clock. Attach solar cell to battery of clock.

Attach positive wire to + pole of battery and negative wire to — pole of battery. Make sure wires are connected well. Return battery to clock.

Glue cell to side of clock where it will not block numbers. Just place glue around edge of cell. If clock needs more balance, glue piece of plastic to bottom until it stands with cell attached.

Find sunny spot in your house or garden. Place clock with solar cell in sun and allow it to charge for few hours. Place clock in sun every few days for few hours to recharge solar cell.

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How to Make Solar Powered Clock at Home

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