Make Solar Power Units

Building solar panels for your home is a lot more complicated than just solar panel to buy and connect it to your home. It includes several components, such as battery, fuses, control units, and possibly inverter. entire system must be assembled in unity, the requirements, whatever is part of the home games are supplied by them with electricity.

However, with little planning and intrepid attitude, home solar power system can be a reality. With paper and pen, determine needs, what you intend to supply solar power system with electricity. Determine which devices to be in the system, how long they will be on and in use for the typical day, and watts consumed.

Make Solar Power Units

For example, if you need to power lights with three 60 watt and one 100 watt light bulb for eight hours day, you need to meet total demand of 280 watts per hour, or 2240 watts. Convert watts to amps. To do this, you will need to know voltage of appliances in question. Using our light fixtures, which operate off of household outlets at 110 volts, amps can be determined using formula amps = watts or volts. So in this example, that is amps = 280 or 110, or 2.54 amps.

Select and buy battery using voltage and amp numbers that you determined in Step 2. Keep in mind that you do not want your battery to drop very far below 50 percent charge during normal usage. This will extend battery’s lifetime.

Therefore, choose battery with double minimum amps. Continuing this example, that would be 110 volt, 5 amp battery. Determine voltage requirement of solar panel.

This needs to be bit higher than voltage of battery, so pick panel with output of at least 115 volts. Many panels are made for use at household voltage, so panels like this should be easy to find. Determine power output that panel needs to meet on pad and paper. Your solar panel will need to meet full 24 hour operating requirements of your solar unit during estimated average of 6 hours of full sunlight each day.

example lighting unit will consume 343 watts for each of those 6 hours, so either panel or group of panels must be assembled that will put out this much power per hour of full sun.

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