Make Solar Power Panels

Solar power is environmentally friendly to cut costs around the house. Some intrepid DIY fans want to do everything themselves, while others have ambitious plans that can not be met by off-the-shelf solar cells. Plans like these require homemade solar panel mounted.

With factory-built solar panels, Plexiglas, and a handful of common materials working solar panel can be built into 1 or 2 days. Buy enough sets of 3 inch by 6 inch monocrystalline solar cells at least 36 of them have. You need to generate 36 Panel of these cells 60 watts, or enough to power a typical light bulb.

Make Solar Power Panels

Take your paper and pen and draw up plan for panel. panel is merely backing board for how your cells are laid out. There should also be some space between cells.

You could do 6 X 6 arrangement with one inch of spacing, which would be 42 inches long and 25 inches wide. Use any arrangement you wish that works out evenly. Lay plywood out on pair of sawhorses, and use hand saw to cut plywood to desired size and shape.

Use saw to cut your scrap lumber into four borders for panel, which should be nailed into box around sides of plywood. border should be raised from surface of plywood by at least 1.5 inches. If you do not have scrap lumber that is right size to use for all of these pieces, heavy wooden molding will do just as well.

Drill several holes around sides of your borders, so that they open into interior of panel. These holes will serve as vents.

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How to Make Solar Power Panels

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