Make Solar Power Cell

The combination of global warming and rising energy costs, interest has renewed in renewable energy. Hydro and wind energy put to use force to rotate the turbine, which generates electricity, but the generation of electricity from solar panels is a little more complicated. However, you can create your own solar panels and electricity by using materials you create to find around your house.

While this method may not be practical enough for you to go lattice, it can make big science experiment. Cut sheet copper, so that it is approximately the same size as the burner on the stove. Wash your hands and slide to remove any grease or oil and remove using sandpaper any corrosion.

Make Solar Power Cell

Clean it thoroughly and let it dry. Put copper on burner and turn burner on to its highest setting. As copper heats up, different colors will appear, but it will eventually turn black, covered with coat of cupric oxide.

Cook copper for half-hour to thicken coat it will be easier to remove layer when it’s thicker . Turn burner off, leaving sheet on for about 20 minutes so that it cools to room temperature. Most of cupric oxide coat will have flaked off at this point, but run copper under water and lightly scrub it with your hands to remove anything that’s left.

Be careful when handling copper so you don’t damage layer of red cuprous oxide that makes solar cell work. Cut another piece of copper same size as first one and gently bend both of them. Attach them to jar with alligator clip leads but don’t let them touch each other.

Take lead of clip attached to clean piece of copper and connect it to positive terminal of microammeter. Connect lead of clip attached to cuprous oxide plate to negative terminal.

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How to Make Solar Power Cell

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