Make Solar Panels From Scratch

Due to rising energy costs and concerns about the environmental impact of fossil fuels, the interest in clean, renewable energy is renewed, such as solar energy. Using different methods to use to try power of the sun, destination has long been of the people. One way, the sun can be used is transformed by solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

This is something you can do at home, and also good science to make project for your kids. Cut piece of copper sheet same size as the burner you are using. Wash copper with a mild soap and water to remove any fat or oil, then dry copper.

Make Solar Panels From Scratch

Remove any corrosion on surface of copper by lightly sanding it off with sandpaper. Place copper on top of burner and turn burner to its highest setting. Let copper cook for half-hour.

This will cause copper to produce thick black coat of cupric oxide. Turn burner off and allow copper to cool to room temperature. Remove cupric oxide by gently washing it off under water.

Make sure to handle copper carefully or you could damage sheet. Cut another piece of copper sheeting so that it is same size as first piece.

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How to Make Solar Panels From Scratch

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