Make Solar Panels for Home

Affordable homemade solar panels will air in the house, heat is no other source of energy than the sun. You can greatly reduce your heating costs while the environment to help eliminate by the consumption of fossil fuels. You can make plates of new materials or scrap.

New materials will cost less than $ 100 in 2010 prices and scrap make the project even more favorable. Get double insulated glass or Plexiglas. Size of the plate will depend on the size of the glass.

Make Solar Panels for Home

Let’s assume for this example we find piece that is four feet by five feet. Build frame for glass with 2×4’s and screw piece of 1 or 2-inch plywood to back of frame. Since this will attach to south side of your house you can cover it with metal that matches trim of house or paint it to match trim.

Line back of panel with 1 1 or 2-inch insulation board. Do not fasten it down. This board comes in four feet x eight feet sheets and can be cut to fit with utility knife.

Add insulation boards to sides on panel as well, it should be screwed down on sides. Aluminum flashing can be used as heat-absorption plate. flashing comes in different widths and lengths.

Cut it to fit back of panel and it’s OK if it overlaps. Determine size of your pathways, that is area between baffle boards. area of 20 square inches, 10 inches x two inches, should be sufficient for this size panel.

Drill several holes through baffles, apply weather stripping to bottom of boards. Then put four-inch screw through baffles, aluminum, insulation board and into plywood backing.

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How to Make Solar Panels for Home

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