Make Solar Panel

Solar cells convert solar energy into electricity. Objects found by the use in the house or your local hardware store frequently, you can make solar panel to demonstrate this photoelectric effect. You can also save energy by converting some of your traditional electrical supply over to solar power. to cut

Use tin snips copper in square or rectangle flashes magnitude of the electric torch fit. Be sure to use piece of copper flashing that is thoroughly cleaned. You can use sandpaper to thoroughly remove signs of corrosion before proceeding.

Make Solar Panel

Place copper flashing on electric burner and turn burner on. You will need to cook flashing for as long as 30 minutes or more to develop thick layer of black cupric oxide. Allow copper to cool slowly once layer of cupric oxide has formed.

It will begin to flake off and may do so with some force as oxide and copper cool at different rates. Scrub completely cooled copper under running water to remove any last remaining bits of oxide. Be gentle, as you do not want to remove any of red cuprous oxide that has been created in heating flashing.

Cut another piece of copper to same size. Attach both panels using alligator clips to inside of wide-mouth glass jar or plastic bottle with top cut off. panels should not touch and should bend to match curves of jar or bottle.

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How to Make Solar Panel

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