Make Solar Panel Out of Pop Cans

Try to reduce energy costs, by not a lot of money, go green do to spend this project will help to reduce heating costs, help clean up the environment, and can be produced for $ 20 or less. These directions are for solar panel measuring 50 by 12.5 inches on the inside of the box. simple 50-pop can solar panel will increase by about 15 degree heat in small space. /> Hole in the bottom of 45 pop cans Make Solar Panel Out of Pop Cans

Use adhesive caulk to glue nine pop cans with holes in bottom onto one pop can with holes in sides. Allow to dry. Nail 2×4’s together to form box with inside dimensions of 50 by 12.5 inches.

Cut piece of plywood to fit back of box. Cut Plexiglas to same dimensions as plywood. Paint stacks of cans with dark-colored paint.

Allow to dry. Paint inside of box with dark-colored paint. Drill hole size of tubing in top and bottom of box.

Use adhesive caulk to glue pop cans into box. pop cans with holes on sides should be at bottom end of box. Put tubing in each hole and glue in place with adhesive caulk.

Put adhesive caulk around edge of Plexiglas and place on front of box to form cover.

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How to Make Solar Panel Out of Pop Cans

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