Make Solar Panel From CDs

In the digital age, many music lovers CDs have rejected in favor of iTunes, MP3s and Windows Media Player. Portable music players are connecting not larger than silver dollars and easy to computer for music updates. This leaves music lovers with empty and burned CDs you no longer need.

You could just toss or recycle, but you could also take advantage of their reflective surfaces take to build your own solar heating panel. Process is as easy, teen could make for your room in the afternoon. Measure the length and width of the window and add 4 inches to both measurements. Cut piece of cardboard with your utility knife your extended measurements match. For example, window 24 inches wide and 36 inches long needs cardboard rectangle 28 inches wide and 40 inches long.

Make Solar Panel From CDs

Spray paint one side of your cardboard black. Let paint dry overnight. If cardboard needs more than one coat, let each coat dry for about hour before applying next one.

Cut 4-inch square from each of rectangle’s corners. Bend sides of cardboard up so corners meet, forming box. black part should be inside box.

Tape up corners with masking tape. Place your CDs in rows inside box with shiny side out. You’ll have some wiggle room since most CDs are about 5 inches across, that’s okay.

Try to keep rows as even as possible. bottom row should touch bottom side of box and top row should touch top. This shows you how many CDs you’ll need.

In this case, about five columns of seven CDs each. Trace center holes of top and bottom rows of CDs with pencil. Remove CDs and cut these holes out with your utility knife.

Glue CDs down over these holes with super glue. Glue down rest of CDs, leaving small space above bottom row and below top. Leave space above and below center row, also.

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How to Make Solar Panel From CDs

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