Make Solar Panel for School Project

effectively convert solar collectors solar radiation into heat or electricity to make in the last generation of solar panels as an instrument resulting clean energy available. Therefore, it is no wonder that solar panels for school projects to provide both useful and modern relevance. Homemade solar panels use sunlight to heat water to negate need for electric water heaters.

students can achieve task create their own solar panel by multiple household or easily purchased items. Measure piece of copper flashing same size as your hot plate and cut it to size. The production of metal, copper wash, can wear as metal oils and fats, could hinder the outcome of your project.

Make Solar Panel for School Project

Finally, sand metal’s surface gently with sandpaper, as this rids surface of corrosion and makes it more amenable in its role as solar cell. Turn on hot plate and let it work up to full power. When it has, place cut piece of copper flashing directly onto burner and let it sit for 30 minutes.

This will cause metal to turn black as copper oxidizes. After half hour passes, turn off hot plate, but do not remove copper sheet for another 20 minutes. Scrub copper flashing gently under running water.

This should remove most of black coating on sheet of metal. Use glass or bowl as guide to cut second piece of copper flashing able to sit just inside inside edge of outer lip. Fill glass or bowl with water and place unoxidized piece of copper into vessel.

Place previously prepared piece of copper sheet on top of glass or bowl and secure it in place with alligator clip leads. copper pieces should not touch, but they can bend to fit inside glass or bowl. Place solar panel in sun to watch it concentrate sun’s rays and heat water within glass or bowl.

To measure microamps collected in process, watch measurement readings on micro-ammeter. On larger scale, these solar cells can heat enough water for daily water use, cooking and bathing.

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How to Make Solar Panel for School Project

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