Make Solar Oven School Project With Shoebox

According to Energy Information Administration website, solar energy is the most available resources of the earth. Author Jon R. Luoma reports be conducted with promising results on experiments on solar energy from California to New Jersey. You can learn to harvest sun before you’re even out of school.

use force to create solar energy science fair project this year the sun. Making solar oven, cook your food. With shoeboxes and aluminum foil can be used sun in your own backyard and enter useful project in the science fair.

Make Solar Oven School Project With Shoebox

Paint entire surface of shoebox with black paint or cut pieces of black construction paper to fit shoebox sides and glue paper firmly to box. black surface absorbs more sunlight and helps produce more heat in your solar oven than lighter-colored surface. Prepare shoebox lid to be cut by placing lid upside down on hard surface like cutting board with long edges facing you.

Use ruler to draw rectangle that runs one inch from all four edges of box lid. Use sharp knife or box cutter to cut through both of two short lines and through bottom long line. Lightly score top long line.

Gently push lid flap up to form opening. Put craft glue along rest of lid’s inside surface. Cover opening with smooth layer of plastic wrap.

This plastic-covered area will become window for your solar oven. Cover open flap of shoebox lid with craft glue. Cover entire flap with smooth layer of aluminum foil.

This will direct sun into your solar oven. Line inside of shoebox with layer of aluminum foil. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Be certain that you have covered entire inner shoebox. Test your school project. Place solar oven in sunny location.

Put thermometer in shoebox. Set your thermometer inside box and replace lid. Prop open foil-covered flap with wooden dowel.

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How to Make Solar Oven School Project With Shoebox

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