Make Solar Energy With Household Appliances

The photovoltaic effect, that is to generate electricity from sunlight allows, can be achieved with other materials as silicates. This means that you no complicated devices have low power build solar power system. By using copper sheets, basic solar cell almost any kitchen and with a few simple parts and tools made in be.

Examine carefully copper corrosion film. It must be absolutely free from corrosion, so that if there is one, either to avoid this section or preferably cleaned with nitric acid. Use to cut sheet metal sheers square or rectangle of sheet copper.

Make Solar Energy With Household Appliances

6-inch by 4-inch section can provide somewhere between half dozen and 10 watts of power, so expand to meet greater needs, but be aware that there is no exact way to estimate power output for this kind of panel. Use gas burner to heat sheet until it is red hot. This will form black oxide layer on side of sheet not being heated by gas burner.

For big sheet, it will be necessary to do this in progressive sections. Use plastic scraper to remove black oxide. Underneath it should be layer of tougher red oxide.

Be careful, however, to not use metal scraper or too much force, as either could damage this red oxide layer. Get rid of black stuff, but keep reddish-pink stuff. Coat reddish-pink oxide side of sheet with silvering solution.

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How to Make Solar Energy With Household Appliances

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