Make Solar Energy Plane

With solar energy to the world get so much attention, visitors will find many different ways to use it. Aviation industry is already supplying possibilities of using solar energy to explore commercial aircraft. As hobbyist you can hit to hit aviation industry.

Try using solar energy operated by your own hand model airplane building with solar energy. Cut small amount of plastic cover of two wires connecting plane with its battery. With wires voltage measure your RC aircraft battery used voltmeter.

Make Solar Energy Plane

Note your results, as end goal will be to duplicate your measurements with solar cells. Cut battery wires and take battery out of plane. Place desired amount of solar cells — total power should be equal to or greater than that of battery — on piece of aluminum foil that has been cut so that it accommodates cells, with approximately 1 or 2 inch of leeway on each side.

Cut two pieces of 20-to-100-volt wire. Connect them to left and right sides of cells on aluminum solar panel by folding extra foil over wire pieces, effectively creating positive and negative energy flow. Drill two holes, one on each side of plane.

holes should be just large enough to accommodate wire. Solder positive and negative wires connected to aluminum foil solar panel to respective wires connected to plane’s engine — positive to positive, negative to negative.

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How to Make Solar Energy Plane

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