Make Solar Energy Model

Solar energy is gaining in popularity every year. Sun delivers energy that is not only renewable, but also clean and efficient. Best part is that it is free, apart from the initial cost of buying solar panels convert solar radiation into electricity. />
Make Solar Energy Model

Motors that operate on DC are designed for use with battery power, as opposed to being plugged into wall. You can obtain DC motor from your local hobby shop, or from any old battery operated toys that are no longer being used. It does not have to be large motor since you are just making model of solar energy see Resources below .

Buy solar panel large enough to supply power to your DC motor. These panels are often referred to as photovoltaic cells see Resources below . purpose of solar cell is to take energy from sun and convert it to DC power.

This power is then transferred to generator or rechargeable battery, where it can be used to provide power for your motor or other appliances. Connect your solar panel to rechargeable battery. Start by connecting wire to negative terminal on your solar panel and running it to negative post on your battery.

Next run wire from positive terminal on solar panel to diode, which will prevent energy from leaking out of battery. Connect additional wire from diode to resistor, which will prevent battery from being overcharged. Finally, connect third wire from resistor to positive post on battery.

You can purchase diode and resistor at Radio Shack or similar electronics store. Wire your DC motor to battery. This is straight process involving two wires.

Run one wire from negative terminal on motor to negative post on battery. Run second wire from positive terminal on motor to positive post on your battery. Your circuit is not complete, and consists of rechargeable battery being energized by solar power and feeding current to your DC motor.

Test motor. Supply solar panel with source of light. reading lamp is often sufficient, but direct light from sun works best.

When panel is exposed to light, motor should begin to operate. Many people like to attach small fan blades to motor to add to visual effect of energy being converted to DC power.

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