Make Solar Electrolysis Hydrogen

Solar electrolysis is to get a lot of hydrogen gas by running electric current through water. Hydrogen is non-toxic energy source whose only byproduct is pure water. Electrolysis can be expensive and inefficient when produced commercially, but when powered by solar energy, is environmentally friendly.

Anyone can collect small amounts of hydrogen at home. These principles also apply to more complex, large-scale hydrogen production. to make solar-hydrogen is fun science experiment for kids and eternally curious alike.

Make Solar Electrolysis Hydrogen

Fill plastic tub with 6 to 8 inches of water. Pour salt into water until it no longer dissolves. Stir in completely.

Salt water conducts electricity better than normal water. Cut length of aluminum or copper wire in half. Wrap one segment of wire tightly around one of metal rods.

Wrap other length of wire around other rod. Put on your gloves and place rods on bottom of tub, leaving at least 6 inches in between.

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How to Make Solar Electrolysis Hydrogen

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