Make Solar Cells at Home

Most solar cells are manufactured using silicates, and these industrial solar cells are inarguably is most efficient. However, homemade solar power cells can be constructed in almost any kitchen with electric stove and with just a few basic tools. These cells have limited power but are great for either low energy demand tasks or as a scientific project.

Use tin snips to cut square of copper sheet. This place should be approximately the same size as the heating coil electric heating plate. Turn hotplate burner on, and turn it to its maximum device.

Make Solar Cells at Home

Set copper square onto burner, and leave it there for at least half hour. hot copper will react to form black cupric oxide on its surface. Switch off burner, and let copper cool for minimum of 20 minutes.

Use tongs to remove copper sheet at first, as surface oxide and sheet itself may cool at different rates. This can be deceptive, and you should exercise caution in initial handling to avoid being burned. Take plastic scraper and gently remove black oxide.

Use minimal force to avoid removing any red oxide deposits that have formed. You want to keep red oxide, and get rid of black.

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How to Make Solar Cells at Home

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