Make Solar Cell From Scratch

Ever wish you could make your own solar power panels build While these solar from scratch homemade cells not much lightbulbs can do to power or equipment, they will show principle of half line that allows solar cells. This experiment is carried out easily enthrall children and adults alike and one afternoon with nothing can more than household materials and a few sheets of copper flashing from the hardware store. Place a piece of copper flashing on the electric burner and turn the burner up.

Wait until the burner is red hot, then copper cooking for half an hour. It should be fairly black. Burner off and leave copper instead to cool off.

Make Solar Cell From Scratch

Most of black coating, which is cupric oxide, will pop off on its own. Gently remove more of it by scrubbing copper between your hands under running water. Don’t worry about getting every little bit of black off, it’s more important to preserve red layer of cuprous oxide below it.

Bend burned sheet of copper and unburned sheet of copper so that they will fit inside your glass mason jar without touching. Fill glass jar with hot tap water so that about inch of each copper sheet protrudes from water. Add 3 tbsp. of salt.

Connect one alligator clip between unburned copper flashing and positive terminal of your micro-ammeter. Connect other lead between your burned copper flashing and negative terminal of micro-ammeter. Make sure that two sheets of copper flashing aren’t touching but are both submerged in salt water solution.

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How to Make Solar Cell From Scratch

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