Make Small Solar Panels

The introduction of low cost, single solar cells open door solar energy to fit with very specific applications. build small cell needs little carpentry and wiring. In this way intrepid do-it-yourself small solar power systems can build to remote power, small applications.

Make estimate the power consumption of the application. This model is the garden pond pump as an example. Wattage figure consumes power and performed work per hour, and typical pond pump consumes 25 watts. Pump for a total of 100 watts per day on timer and run twice daily two hours each time placed.

Make Small Solar Panels

Divide that daily consumption by six. standard for determining how much power you can count on solar panel to produce is its combined output during six hours of peak sunlight that average day produces. We need our panel to produce 100 watts in six hours, therefore will build it for wattage of 100 or 6, or 16.6 watts. Shop for and buy your solar cells.

This model uses cell that produces 10 watts of power, with cells being 15 inches by 9 inches. Two cells will produce 20 watts, slightly more than we need. Draw up sketch of panel, placing inch of padding around cells, and inch of padding between pair.

If there were more cells, you would want inch of border padding, inch of row padding, and inch of column padding. In this model, backing for panel would come to 33 inches long and 11 inches wide, including padding. Use hand saw and tape measure to cut out piece of plywood that matches your specifications for backing.

In this model, that is 33 by 11 inches.

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How to Make Small Solar Panels

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