Make Small Solar Panel

You can build small solar panel to power small devices with readily available tools and materials for under $ 500 Current. is the basis for solar panel two feet by four-foot frame made of plywood, pegboard and Plexiglas, will keep the solar cells. You can then use solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity.

Cut strips framing in four half-inch by one inch by four-foot pieces and four half-inch by one inch by one-foot-10-inch pieces. Insert two of four feet and two one-foot-10-inch framing strips on the plywood board in frame and secure it with three quarter-inch wood screws. Measure Pegboard one-foot-10-inch by three-foot-10-inch and cut it inside looked to be with mitred frame strips fit.

Make Small Solar Panel

Do not attach. Sand down framed plywood including solid surface of plywood and edges of pegboard. Paint both pieces, pegboard and framed plywood, with two coats of white deck paint.

When completely dry, fit pegboard into frame and screw it in along edges solar cell strips will go inside so screws need to be along edges . Paint over screws and any other unpainted corners or crevices. Also paint other four pieces of framing wood to use over plexiglass later.

Drill two holes about half inch apart in bottom left corner of frame, through pegboard and through back of plywood. These will be for positive and negative current connections. Make base from four-foot by twelve-inch piece of plywood to connect solar cells into three evenly spaced strips.

Use spaced base to place two solar cells into spacers. Take tabbing wire and measure piece of it from top to bottom of one solar cell plus three-quarters of inch and cut that length with pliers. Cut 32 more pieces same length, using first one as guide.

Then cut three more three-quarters of inch longer than rest and put them aside in separate pile. These will be used on last three solar cells at top end of strips so that finished strips of 12 will have tabbing wire extending from both ends. Carefully place two solar cell strips next to each other on pegboard, evenly spaced.

Lifting solar cell on bottom of first strip gently, put quarter size drop of silicon caulk in center of back of it to glue it onto pegboard and press it down gently. Glue each of other solar cells in same way. It may be easier to lift each one individually with small rubber spatula or gently lift whole strip from tabbing wire at top one.

Either way, take care not to break solar cell or tabbing wire. Take end of roll of 20-gauge black wire and strip black coating off about half inch of end so wires are exposed. Twist wires together so none are loose or sticking out.

Put wire through right hole at bottom of frame, from back, and pull length of it through. Do same thing with 20-gauge red wire, putting it through hole next to one black wire is in. First take red wire and pull it up to top of frame and over to bus wire at top of third solar cell strip, pulling about half inch longer to reach little past end of strip.

Tap staples from staple gun over red wire in couple of places along left and top sides of frame, being careful not to tap staples into wire. end of roll of red wire will be under frame, coming out back. Solder wires of 20-gauge red wire onto bus wire near it at top right of frame.

Take black wire and pull about half inch length, just enough to reach bus wire near it at bottom left corner of frame with little give in it, not pulled too tightly. Solder wires of 20-gauge black wire onto bus wire near it at bottom left corner of frame. end of roll of black wire will be under frame, coming out back.

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