Make Shoebox Solar Oven

Use solar energy to reduce energy costs and for the convenience. Solar cooker is practically on camping trips and RV or boat trips, because it provides passive option to prepare food with sunlight. Shoe box solar oven or stove is easy to build materials with common household.

rectangle measuring 1 inch from the edges from outside your shoebox lid. Cut three sides of the rectangle, so that a longer side uncut. If desired, to make fourth side of the rectangle on the inside of the lid, a gate, lifting and rectangle slightly leaning.

Make Shoebox Solar Oven

Line and glue aluminum foil to inside of your shoe box, shiny side out, making sure no cardboard is exposed. If desired, add second layer of foil. Line inside of lid and flap with foil similarly make sure flap is lined separately and can be lifted up .

Measure and cut pieces of black construction paper to fit inside walls and bottom of shoebox. Glue these pieces to aluminum foil lining. Measure and cut transparent plastic to be slightly larger than rectangle on lid.

Tape plastic to inside of lid to cover rectangular cutout. Prop foil-lined rectangle on lid open and hold it open using metal wire or bamboo sticks placed at corners. Place your food, in cookware, inside shoebox and put lid on top.

Position your solar cooker where it will get most exposure to sunlight. Cooking time will vary depending on food and weather.

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How to Make Shoebox Solar Oven

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