Make Sash for Wedding Dress

A band added wedding dress adds touch of color and makes it more personal clothing. Buying leaf in shop sometimes is expensive, especially when ordering custom-made sheet. Making band itself is relatively simple project, but can add to wedding dress and make most beautiful dress.

Before starting project, it is important to determine preferred frame style wedding. There are several options, such as short sash or belt that creeps on ground or even trails behind dress, which will alter required amount of fabric. Measuring waist.

Make Sash for Wedding Dress

A wedding dress sash ties around waist and either trails behind to ground or forms knot or bow at back or side. minimum measurement for sash is measured to waist with extra fabric for sewing and tying knot, usually between 2 to 5 extra inches and often looking similar to belt. If preferring to wrap sash twice around waist, measurement doubles.

For long, trailing sash, measurements usually range between 1.25 yards to 4 yards of fabric. Determine preferred width of fabric. width of wedding sash is generally fairly wide.

If preferred final width of sash is about 2 inches, plan width of fabric for 4.5 inches. half inch extra fabric is for seam. width can range between 1 inch like ribbon to as much as 10 inches as preferred.

Cut fabric to appropriate measurements. measurements vary. Fold fabric in half so inside of sash is facing out and outside is facing in. There are two options depending on preferred end of sash cut ends at 45-degree upward angle toward right or keep edges squared at end.

Pin fabric closed. Pin all three sides that are open, but leave gap of about 1 to 2 inches in middle of longest part. Allow half inch around pins.

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How to Make Sash for Wedding Dress

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