Make PV Solar Cells

Typical photovoltaic or PV solar cells are made of silicon and produced in factories with large machinery, industrial chemicals and a lot of heat. While it is not possible at home to create this process new and your own PV cells make electricity for your home to produce, you can make minor version. With a few inexpensive tools and little time in the kitchen, you can make miniature solar cell using copper and salt water.

Use tin snips to flash trim piece of copper sheet of approximately the same size as one of the burners on the stove. Wash to remove any grease or oil your hands with soap and water and copper. Dry copper and then use sandpaper or steel wool to remove any corrosion or imperfections.

Make PV Solar Cells

Place copper on top of burner and turn burner to its highest setting. Let copper sit on burner for about half hour, it should develop thick black coating. Turn burner off and let copper cool on top of it.

copper will shrink as it cools, and parts of black coating will flake or pop off. Remove copper from burner once it cools and gently remove rest of black coating with sandpaper under running water. Be careful not to scrub too hard, you don’t want to remove red coating you’ll see underneath black.

Cut another piece of copper approximately same size as first one. Cut top half off large plastic bottle. Bend sheets of copper gently so that they fit inside bottom of plastic bottle without touching.

Attach alligator-clip lead to each copper sheet. Connect lead from clean copper sheet to positive terminal of ammeter, and lead from other sheet to negative terminal.

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How to Make PV Solar Cells

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