Make Poultice of Dried Herbs

People who often prefer natural medication turn to herbs for relief from common ailments. Today, many herbs are throughout the year, but many people like convenience obvious dried herbs. Use to draw dried herbs from pantry to warm compress for inflamed tissue treatment or toxins from the infection. Familiarize yourself before you treat with herbs and herbal properties with topical medication.

Put dried herbs in mortar and pestle. Grind herbs into powder. You may have to do this little at time.

Make Poultice of Dried Herbs

Transfer ground herbs to glass or plastic bowl. Dip eye dropper into glass of distilled water, pulling water into dropper. Add drops of water to herbs to make paste with herbs.

Use spoon to mix two ingredients together. Do not add too much water or poultice will become soupy. Apply poultice to strip of sterilized gauze using your clean or gloved fingers.

Clean area of skin that needs poultice with hydrogen peroxide. Lay paste side of gauze on skin. Cover area with gauze then layer it with towel or clean fabric to prevent poultice from staining clothes or bedding.

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How to Make Poultice of Dried Herbs

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