Make Pitted Scars Less Noticeable

One of lingering effects of acne, if long-term condition or related outbreaks medicines or medical conditions, are scars left where acne was. pitted scars, also known as ice pick scars are deep and give your skin dimpled appearance. These scars can be camouflaged or covered to reduce their appearance.

more invasive procedures and treatments can also improve appearance of your skin. Keeping your skin in good condition. For pitted scars on face, be sure to keep your skin clean and moisturized to help prevent further outbreaks. Use soothing skin oils such as tea tree oil to help soothe skin and give your complexion radiant glow.

Make Pitted Scars Less Noticeable

Conceal scars by applying layers of makeup to most impacted areas. Start by applying primer to your whole face which will help set additional layers of makeup. Use concealer and apply with cotton swab or makeup applicator directly to scars.

Use concealer to fill in pitted areas and build up skin to form smooth surface, Apply foundation over top of whole face and set makeup with powder over top. Consult with dermatologist to have your pitted scars assessed to determine whether dermabrasion is right for your skin. Though not all ice pick or pitted scars can be surgically or chemically removed, older scars may be viable candidates for such procedures.

Maintain healthy and glowing complexion by eating healthy diet, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Zinc. Use self-tanner to darken overall shade of your skin, which will further help conceal scars. If you opt to use self-tanner, make sure any makeup you use for additional camouflage is in shade matching your darker skin color.

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How to Make Pitted Scars Less Noticeable

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