Make Photovoltaic Solar Panels

The photovoltaic effect is the reaction of certain substances if they are hit by sunlight, leading to electricity. It is not generally known that you do not use all the solar panels photovoltaic effect, but do create any, of electricity. It is also not known that basic photovoltaic panel can be made in almost any kitchen or garage workshop, a clean copper plate and basic tools.

Check copper sheet for green corrosion. If there is one, it will either have to be purified, or that part of the sheet does not need to be used. Cut a square or rectangle of copper sheet with scissors.

Make Photovoltaic Solar Panels

This can be as large or as small as desired, although anything for demands greater than that of science project panel should be measured in feet, not inches. Using gas burner, electric hot plate or even blowtorch, heat one side of copper sheeting until it is red hot. Keep it that way for 1-2 minutes.

side that is not being cooked will form coat of black oxide. small sheet can probably be cooked all at once, but large one will need to be heated one section at time. Be sure to manipulate sheet with tongs for safety.

Set sheet aside to thoroughly cool for at least 20 minutes. Use plastic scouring pad to remove black oxide layer. This will expose layer of reddish-pink oxide underneath.

Take care to be gentle, and do not use harsh tool like metal scraper. red oxide must remain intact, or panel will not work.

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How to Make Photovoltaic Solar Panels

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