Make Organic Solar Panels

Organic foods are foods produced with minimal synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other additives. Word Bio in chemistry has different meanings that material consists of carbon compound. first meaning is irrelevant in solar cells, and the second is impractical because not a good way to make solar panel without parts that do not contain carbon. but

You can make solar panel from safe, environmentally friendly materials. Get flat, rectangular container which is not made of metal. It should be relatively waterproof.

Make Organic Solar Panels

You could use wooden box if you want, or recycle plastic food container. Use tin snips to cut sheet of copper so that it is slightly smaller than container. bigger copper sheet, more powerful solar panel.

Carefully wash sheet of copper in running water and soap. Dry it off on towel. Cut sheet in half and put one half on electric burner.

Turn heat all way up. copper will first become mottled and multi-colored, and it will finally develop black coating. Keep heating sheet for about half hour after it turns completely black.

Turn off burner and leave sheet sitting where it is for another twenty minutes. As it cools, pieces of black coating will pop off. There is thin layer of oxidation under coating, which is what powers solar cell.

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How to Make Organic Solar Panels

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