Make Natural Perfume Without Alcohol

Many perfume commercial list alcohol as main ingredient, which can be dried and unpleasant on skin. However,, alcohol-free natural perfumes can be easily made at home. Many recipes include use of fragrance oils, essential and carriers.

Supplies can be purchased online and in specialty stores, and you can customize your home fragrances and create custom mixes of your favorite for you and your friends odors. Choose carrier oil for fragrances at home. oil carrier options include jojoba oil, which contains many vitamins and is said to soften skin, and grape seed oil.

Make Natural Perfume Without Alcohol

Like alcohol, these help to release scent of perfume. Choose essential oils which will mix to become scent of your perfume. For best results, combine complementary high, middle and base notes.

Citrus scents are typically high notes, while middle notes include scents such as lavender, and wood scents are base notes, which help fragrance last. Mix three drops of high note essential oil with two drops of middle note scent and one drop of low note scent in shallow glass dish. Dilute essential oil mixture in one ounce of your chosen carrier oil.

Pour this into small glass vial with tight-fitting lid or stopper. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to create as many different scents as desired. Store your perfume oil in dark, cool place.

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How to Make Natural Perfume Without Alcohol

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