Make My Baby Gerber Baby

A contest was held in 1928 to select face of Gerber baby products. Since then, many parents have wanted their beautiful baby poster child for Gerber. Although not soon be replaced familiar portrait found on packages of Gerber, Gerber Products Company does keep searching for next baby Gerber Generation.

Find photograph of your child that you want to send. photo must show child’s face, and your baby should be fully dressed without distinguishing insignia on their clothing. Remember that you have rights to image you want to send, which means you can not use portraits professionally made.

Make My Baby Gerber Baby

Go to Gerber Generation website see Resource and click Upload Image. Find baby picture that you want to submit, and upload it to website. Type your baby’s first name into box and select milestone, which is symbol for your baby’s stage of development see Resource.

For example, if your baby can sit with some support, he is supported sitter. If he is crawling, choose crawler. Below that, enter date photo was taken.

picture must be recent. Click Next Step. Create account with Gerber and verify your address.

Your baby will be entered into contest. We hope the information on How to Make My Baby Gerber Baby is helpful to you.

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How to Make My Baby Gerber Baby

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