Make Mini Solar Panel

A solar panel can be as large or as small as the number of solar cells that you want to use. typical monocrystalline solar cell is composed of 3 inches and 6 inches typical solar panel of 36 solar cells. You can do with half the number of cells mini solar panel and also cut down to half size of the frame.

Of course, mini solar panel will produce only half the number of watts a full-size panel. Put solar cells in three rows of six on plywood face down, so that solder joints are exposed. Solder all cells along with two copper wires, a positive for the line and a negative line.

Make Mini Solar Panel

Be sure that you touch on each soldering point. If you miss soldering point, array will not function. Also be sure to leave about 6 inches of slack for connecting blocking diode at end of array.

Place small amount of heat-resistant adhesive on back of each solar cell. Lay masonite pegboard over cells so that it completely covers them. Flip entire configuration over so that solar cell array is now resting on masonite pegboard and plywood is free to work with.

Place solar cell array in direct sunlight and connect positive and negative leads to voltmeter to test array. voltmeter should measure about 9 volts if array is functioning properly. Build frame around perimeter of plywood using 3 or 4- by 3 or 4-inch wood molding.

Secure frame with wood screws.

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How to Make Mini Solar Panel

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