Make Kid’s Solar Panel

Children can grasp the basic concept of solar energy harnessing things to heat, such as water or food, to build homemade solar panel. Solar panel unit, the sunlight and uses it as an energy source for heat or even detected current. Solar panel Stove construction helps children on Fundamental Principles solar energy to learn how radiation, reflection, absorption and insulation.

You will even tasty snack as a reward for their efforts to build solar panel heater box. Cut flap in the upper part of a pizza box. Flap should be cut on three sides, to be the fourth side closest to the cover of the hinge.

Make Kid’s Solar Panel

Cut flap quite large so that there is only 1 to 2 inches of lid surrounding flap. Line entire inside of pizza box with foil shiny side up , then spread shredded paper across bottom. Seal shredded paper layer with another foil layer, shiny side up.

This creates insulation to trap heat inside solar oven. Paint top layer of foil with black paint. Let it dry completely.

Bend lid flap up. Cover underside of flap with foil, shiny side up. Use duct tape to secure foil around back of flap.

Pull foil as smoothly as possible.

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How to Make Kid’s Solar Panel

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