Make House Beats in Fruity Loops

The pounding 4 or 4 stroke of house music drives dance floors across the world. If you want to move beyond dancing and listening to house and start making your own house beats, Fruity Loops Studio Digital Audio Workstation includes all the tools you need to get started. Use FL Studio built-in sequencer and included samples to make basic house beat, then create unique sound by adding additional percussive elements to house beat.

Start FL Studio. By default start FL Studio with step sequencer drum machine kick drum containing snare clap, and hi-hat. Click and drag the tempo setting for time display to about 125th

Make House Beats in Fruity Loops

Click on first, 5th, 9th and 13th slots in Kick row of drum machine to put kick drum on every fourth beat. This kick drum is basis of house beat. Add snare drum on 5th and 13th beats in Snare row.

Click 3rd, 7th, 11th and 15th slots in Hat row of drum machine to add off-beat hi-hat sound that characterizes house music. Click Play button to start listening to your house beat. Drag Swing slider at top of drum machine window to right to add swing to beat.

Using swing on house beat prevents beat from sounding overly robotic. Start with Swing slider at around 50 percent, then move it to right until beat sounds more fluid and danceable. Open Channels menu and click Add One.

Click Audio Clip button that appears. Then click folder icon in window that pops up. Navigate to and double-click drum sample to load it into drum machine.

Click on one of slots in sample’s row to add drum sound. Try, for example, putting ride or crash cymbal on first beat, or adding shaker sound on every beat.

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How to Make House Beats in Fruity Loops

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