Make Homemade Solar Power

The people were to heat with solar energy for thousands of years their homes. collect producing solar panels and store solar energy for heating and other electrical applications is much newer industry. Solar panels are maintenance free and provide no-cost electrical energy. to make

Depending on the size of your house, enough solar energy for your home can be expensive. Fortunately, the federal and local governments are now eagerly financial incentives to offer for you to create your own solar power. heated For small needs, as your water heater or run small appliances, can also produce little homemade solar power significantly your power consumption to reduce costs. Determine how many watts you need in your home, which determines how many 12-volt solar power panels you need to make.

Make Homemade Solar Power

You can find easy-to-use solar panel system and load calculators at altEuniversity on Internet. Also, most states have solar and alternative energy information websites with electricity usage calculators and other resources to help you learn more about solar power and calculate how large system you will need to build. Buy small solar panel from RV store or Internet supplier.

Buy deep-cycle battery for continuous use from marine or RV store. regular car battery is for cranking or starting car. Place battery in childproof box to cover up exposed terminals.

plastic tub to protect it from elements is good choice if battery is stored outside. Buy DC meter to power DC appliances fans, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc. .

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How to Make Homemade Solar Power

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