Make Home-made Solar Panels

After U.S. Department of Energy, solar hot water is one of the most efficient solar energy technologies available today.

It helps to also deliver environmental benefits. To visualize how it works, imagine tube which is filled with water lying in the sun on a hot day. Water hose begins to heat up. Now imagine that same hose wound correctly and put inside the wooden box with a glass lid.

Make Home-made Solar Panels

glass-topped box becomes hot box trapping sun’s energy and raising temperature of water even more. If you are reasonably handy with tools, you can make simple solar hot water panel. Some do-it-yourself plans come with instructions, Don’t drink water.

This plan resolves that limitation by using potable water hose rated for drinking water . This allows you to use hot water for cooking as well as other household uses. Note This solar hot water panel is designed for warm weather conditions temperatures above freezing .

Lay window down on flat surface and shape hose into spiral coil on top of window. Make sure that finished coil is smaller than window. Build box out of your scrap wood to fit shape of window.

Make back for box. Cut plywood sheet to fit and attach it with nails. With utility knife, cut polystyrene insulation to fit bottom of box.

Use silicone glue to attach insulation to box.

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How to Make Home-made Solar Panels

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